Enabling quality 

home learning

for families online

Embedding interaction into online education

We help to elevate online teaching, with interactive study materials and creative digitalisation support for educators.

Supporting parental involvement

Our digital platform equips parents to more effectively assist children with online schoolwork, and to follow your child’s progress.

Facilitating continuous learning

We empower children, parents and teachers to continuously communicate and work together on a shared learning journey.

Family-focused services for tutors, teachers & institutions

Home education programme

Utilise our premium timetable, for a supplementary school experience to keep children ahead & transition families online

Enhanced online tuition

Upgrade your online teaching, through integrating our wide range of interactive learning materials, games and activities

Virtual teaching partnerships

Accelerate student confidence, creativity and critical thinking through virtual education from qualified U.K teaching staff

About H.E

H.E stands for ‘health with education’. Our vision is to promote the increased well-being of young families in China, through high-quality online learning that reduces the anxiety of parents about child education and better connects students, parents and teachers.

We achieve this through providing a set of digital home-learning solutions through our immersive online platform. These are designed to empower educational practitioners at the primary-school level: we will work with tutors, teachers or institutions, to help you more effectively and interactively teach children online.

One-stop online learning

Our creative e-learning team will work with you or your organisation to leverage the wide range of tools and features on our online platform, in order to help you transition your classes online.

Key features available include gamification, integration of audio and listening resources directly into activities, enabling student creativity through our self-paced resources, and interactive reading. Institutional partners can access regular staff training masterclasses to support your use of H.E in your teaching.

Registered users can

login to the platform here

Premium teaching for families

 Take advantage of our range of direct teaching programmes for your children, either to provide extra short-term support as they return to school, or on a longer-term basis to help ensure they continue to reach their full academic potential. 

Home education

Benefit from daily tutoring support for your child’s individual needs, building their academic confidence, one-to-one with our educators.

Summer programme

Lay a strong foundation for your child’s next academic year with our immersive, inquiry-based summer programme, led by our qualified staff.

Back to school support

Get our full support with the return to school, with online academic assessments, homework tutoring, parent reports and advisory services.

Examination preparation

Prepare for British or international school entry examination papers, coached by our experienced applications team.

Digital support services

for schools

Online immersion programmes

Supporting schools with the shift to virtual teaching, through short transition programmes that enhance student and staff readiness, ensuring a smooth future online education experience.

Digital support system for Chinese & Asian families

Enabling institutions to upgrade the level of support provided to Chinese and Asian families with the online learning process, through interactive activities and detailed grade reporting.

Global learners partnership programme

Assisting with the identification of viable virtual education partners between U.K independent schools and schools in China, to facilitate joint online teaching opportunities.

Technical support services and staff training

Digitization of classroom content into exciting games and activities on behalf of staff, and provision of additional training to help staff build effective online teaching practices.  


of educating with H.E

as your digital partner


Diversify your teaching tools to create more engaging lessons


Enable your students to preview and review material outside of classes, creating more continuous learning


Create a secure repository of work done that parents can use as a digital record


Monitor and evaluate student progress, and generate professional grade reports


Engage parents more effectively in topics being studied


And much more...

After your Home programme, our children were much more focused with their online studies at school. The parent reports you provided us were also very useful!

Li Zhang – parent

The H.E platform is such a useful tool for kids, because it is really interactive. It has a lot of substantial content for primary school kids in particular.

Courtney Wen – early childhood teacher

Testimonials from our valued partners

I didn’t like Maths before. Now I really want to do it online with my teacher everyday!

Han Wei – student

If I had learned English together with my mother, I would have learned it better. One of the things that makes the H.E service so useful is that it helps parents to be more effectively involved in their child’s early language learning.

Liu – China Coordinator

What is so special about this platform is the way it supports focus and critical thinking: those things are really useful.

Bohai– English language tutor

Frequently asked questions

What is H.E?

We are a platform developed by U.K and Chinese educators, designed with the purpose of helping young families in China experience a high-quality of home learning.

I am a parent. How can you help?

Our ultimate aim is to enable happy children and peaceful families. We will be glad to work either directly with your children or through one of their existing teachers or tutors.

Our online content supplements the Chinese school syllabus, and includes additional reading and critical thinking activities.

We support parents to be involved throughout this process, and provide weekly reporting on student progress.

I am a teacher. How can I get involved?

Please reach out to us using the contact form below! We will then consult with you about your teaching requirements and how H.E can increase the effectiveness of your tuition through online support.

What ages of student do you work with?

Our platform supports children aged 5 to 12, particularly in their educational transition to doing more schoolwork and homework online.

Where are you based?

Our main base of operations is in Shenzhen, but our team are spread around China, with other foreign staff based internationally as well. 

What benefits will children get from this?

Your child will gain a strong grasp of their core academic skills in English.

They will also significantly improve essential non-academic skills, such as confidence, focus and creativity: past students have achieved improvements of over 100%.

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Supporting happy children and peaceful families

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